United Church Nursery School, Chapel on the Hill


August 2:  Parent Orientation Meeting:
There will be a Parent Orientation Meeting on Thursday, August 2 in the evening.  Parents can meet their child's teachers, tour the classroom, and fill out important forms for your child's file.  Please make sure to obtain a current Certificate of Immunization from your child's doctor if your child has had any new immunizations this past year.  
This is an important meeting.  A lot of information will be gone over at this meeting.  Please try to attend.  There will be no child care provided.  

August 4:  Playground Parent Work Party:
  There will be a playground work party to get the playground in to shape for the children on Saturday, August 4.  We will be weeding the garden, turning the sand in the sandbox, raking gravel and spreading mulch.  Children are welcome to attend.  

August 6:  Nursery School Begins.
The children will have a staggered start the first week to help them adjust to their new class and teachers.  The first week the children attending MWF, half of the class will come on Monday and the other half will come on Wednesday and the whole class will attend on Friday.  The children in the TTH classes will attend either on Tuesday or Thursday.  The children who attend all 5 days will follow the schedule for both MWF and TTH.  

August 13:  Afternoon classes Begin:  The are no afternoon classes the first week of school.  They will begin the second week of school.  The first Kids' Lunch In will be August 17.  



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